10. 2017 plans
and development strategy up to 2021

As in the previous years, Sakhalin Energy's priorities for 2017 remain the same: ensure the safety and reliability of production, improve the efficiency of oil and gas field development and hydrocarbon production, optimise costs, and develop the project with regard to the principles of continuous improvement and lean processes.

In 2017, the company will continue to work towards achieving Goal Zero—work without incidents, i.e. no injuries, spills, or damage to the production assets and the environment.

As part of the HSE strategy, the company made and included in the 2017–2021 Journey Book the following commitments:

  • enable leadership at all levels to increase concerns about staff safety, as well as to strengthen employees' confidence in the leadership team;
  • enroll and engage all people in safe, efficient and reliable operations and projects;
  • promote the health of the people;
  • develop HSE and process safety capability  and verify competence;
  • manage significant risks to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP) level;
  • focus on controls to save lives and prevent injuries;
  • control transport and workplace hazards during the implementation of major projects and operational activities;
  • comply with regulatory and international requirements and promote industry best practice.

In 2017, Sakhalin Energy's main production activities will be related to:

  • intensive operations at the three offshore platforms, including drilling optimisation projects and work to maintain oil, gas and LNG production at consistently high levels;
  • the development of the OPF Compression and LNG Train 3 projects.

In 2017, the company will continue to work with customers to ensure the most favourable conditions for the sale of oil and gas.

As part of the HR management strategy implementation, in 2017 and subsequent years, Sakhalin Energy will continue to:

  • attract, employ  and retain the best talent available in the industry, according to the business needs;
  • meet manpower requirements of major projects utilising internal resourcing and the expertise of the shareholders;
  • invest in professional and leadership development of Russian staff with a focus on Sakhalin residents, capable to occupy leadership and technical expert roles in the company;
  • deliver an attractive and competitive Employee Value Proposition (EVP);
  • develop a unique corporate culture to ensure the Employer of Choice status.

An integral part of the HR strategy and policy in 2017 and subsequent years will be to meet the staffing needs of the company’s development projects.

Regular and meaningful stakeholder engagement remains an important component of Sakhalin Energy’s successful performance. The strategy and plans for engaging the general public for 2017 are included in the Public Consultation and Disclosure Plan (published on the company’s website www.sakhalinenergy.com).

In its social investment and sustainable development programmes, Sakhalin Energy will continue to give priority to partnerships with external stakeholders and to long-term social programmes.

Sakhalin Energy will continue to conduct its business in compliance with the adopted General Business Principles, Code of Conduct, Sustainable Development Policy, and corporate social responsibility standards.

Sakhalin Energy will make every effort to further improve its work and conduct its business on the basis of efficient, reliable, and safe production, as well as a responsible attitude toward social and environmental issues.